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WDP 2021

World Day of Prayer Service – Friday 5th March 2021

Sadly, in 2021 the World Day of Prayer service will only be held on line. The good news is that it will be broadcast on St Mary’s Ewell Facebook and YouTube sites. It will be available to view from 10:00am on Friday 5th March at

Build on a Strong Foundation

World Day of Prayer is an international, ecumenical organisation which enables us to hear the thoughts of women from different parts of the world. This year the service has been produced by the women of the Republic of Vanuatu which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The service is based on the parable in Matthew 7: 24-27 of the two houses, one built on sand, the other on a strong foundation. Before the service try and find a stone. During the service a stone will be used as an aid to your commitment to hold Vanuatu in your prayers throughout the year. The stone is also a reminder that if we build our lives on the rock which is Christ, we will have a strong foundation.

To help the work of World Day of Prayer supporting Christian charities and projects both here in the UK and abroad. Donations can be made via their website at or, by texting 70085, use the phrase 2021WDP5 to donate £5 –  change the last number for your chosen donation up to £40. 



Foodbank latest

– Tinned Fruit
– Treats for kids
– Treats for adults
– Crisps and savoury snacks
– Easter treats and small eggs
– Coffee
– Marmalade
– Packet soup
– Long life fruit juice
– Spaghetti in sauce
– Milk UHT Semi and Full fat only please
– Kids toothpaste
– Pump soap
– Noodles
– Household cleaning
– Male deodorant
– Nappies (sizes 2, 4, 6 nappies and pants, 6+ nappies and pants)


We are politely asking people to donate a range of Easter treats, along with wonderful Easter eggs.
Ideally, we’re looking for items such as mini eggs, mini chocolate bunnies, crème eggs, themed sweets etc as these items are more robust and do not damage during transit.

We are OK for everything else thanks (we have no room to store extras at this time).

Updated 25th February 2021