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‘The Passion of Jesus’ – 2014 in Epsom

The ‘Passion of Jesus’ will be staged in Epsom on Good Friday, 18th April 2014.  The drama will start with the crowd gathering at 9:50 at Dulshott Green (near Epsom clinic and opposite the Fire Station on Church Street).

We will follow Jesus on the road to his crucifixion arriving in the market square at about 10:15. The story continues with the crucifixion and resurrection being staged. The dramatisation will end by 10:45 and all are then invited to come and enjoy hot cross buns at Epsom Methodist Church in Ashley Road. There will be a prayer tent left in the town centre.

Make sure you are part of this event a moving and powerful chance to engage with the drama of Good Friday and Easter. Everyone welcome! Help make the events of Good Friday and Easter come alive in Epsom! Crowd rehearsal at Christ Church on 5 April, 15:00-16:00.




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  • • Tinned meat pies
    • Brown sauce
    • Powdered milk
    • Long-life sponge puddings
    • Cereal (no porridge or bran as we have lots)
    • Sugar (500g bags)
    • Tinned potatoes
    • Instant mash
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