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St Mark’s (Tattenham Corner) went baaahmy at Christmas


Sheep took over St Mark’s Church in Tattenham Corner this Christmas. It all started when families’ worker, Liz Townsend, suggested a touring nativity for Advent. As she and the minister, the Revd Des Williamson, tossed ideas around, they came up with a “baaaahmy” idea: knitting a nativity set. Thanks to church member Gill Keens, an avid knitter, the plan was put swiftly into action.

Mr Williamson, minister of St Mark’s Church of England and Methodist United Church, said: “The team knitted over 30 sheep in just four weeks! Keeping track of the sheep became an issue and Liz renamed the old church thermometer gauge a “baaahrometer”. The launch was accompanied by three life-size lookalike sheep made by Liz from fleeces donated by a friend. The knitivity flock rose to 127!”

The knitivity flock travelled around the community from 1 December. Hosts were encouraged to record their experience in the diary that travelled around with the sheep. Liz launched the venture with an account of the Knitivity story.

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Tinned Soup (yes that is correct, we are low on soup!)
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Updated 18th February 2021