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SMC Working from Height policy


Policy on Working at Height

This policy applies to all employees of Stoneleigh Methodist Church and all volunteers carrying out work on the Church’s premises.  Competent contractors employed by the Church will be expected to apply their own safe working practices when working at height in line with this policy.

  1. Working at height will be avoided wherever possible by the use of appropriate extended tools and equipment so that, as far as possible, work will be carried out from the ground.
  2. Any proposed working at height shall be notified to the Chairman of the Finance & Property Committee and approval to proceed obtained before work starts.
  3. Where it is not possible to avoid working at height, appropriate tools and equipment will be provided by the Church.
  4. Equipment for working at height will be suitable, stable and strong enough for the job.
  5. Equipment for working at height will be maintained and checked regularly.
  6. When working at height, employees and volunteers must:
    • Use suitable equipment
    • Avoid working at height if no other person is present on site
    • If working at height outside, take account of weather conditions
    • Avoid over-loading equipment
    • Avoid over-reaching
    • Avoid carrying excessive equipment, tools or materials
    • Ensure that tools and materials being used at height are stored safely and do not present a hazard to persons below.
    • Ensure that the ground below is, as far as practicable, free from people and obstacles/obstructions
    • Take special care if working near to fragile surfaces
    • Ensure that they have suitable protection from falling (or potentially falling) objects
    • Use suitable protective equipment and carry a mobile phone
    • Report to a member of the Finance & Property Committee any safety hazard identified in any work situation or with any equipment provided
  7. Only employees and volunteers who are competent in the use of equipment for working at height (eg step-ladders, ladders and scaffolding etc) may use such equipment.
  8. Only competent and authorized persons are permitted to erect and check scaffolding.


Approved by Church Council 25/2/19 – review 1/4/2021



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