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1 November 2020

Preacher: Rev Emma Cusack



Foodbank latest

– Tinned Fruit
– Treats for kids
– Treats for adults
– Crisps and savoury snacks
– Easter treats and small eggs
– Coffee
– Marmalade
– Packet soup
– Long life fruit juice
– Spaghetti in sauce
– Milk UHT Semi and Full fat only please
– Kids toothpaste
– Pump soap
– Noodles
– Household cleaning
– Male deodorant
– Nappies (sizes 2, 4, 6 nappies and pants, 6+ nappies and pants)


We are politely asking people to donate a range of Easter treats, along with wonderful Easter eggs.
Ideally, we’re looking for items such as mini eggs, mini chocolate bunnies, crème eggs, themed sweets etc as these items are more robust and do not damage during transit.

We are OK for everything else thanks (we have no room to store extras at this time).

Updated 25th February 2021