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Service rota form

    So that I can create the next rota, please click the boxes for the dates below that you will be available.

    Be sure that the 'robots' box has a tick in it, then send the form to me using the 'Send the Form' button at the bottom.

    I will allocate the appropriate duties to you, balancing your own personal wishes and the availability of others. If you want to be try jobs other than those you've already offered to do, just make a note in the bottom box.

    Thanks - Denise






    Foodbank latest

    This week, 6 August, we have several urgently needed items:

    We have completely run out of:

    Chocolate spread


    Powdered milk

    We urgently need:

    Tinned vegetables

    Tinned fish

    Tinned fruit


    Pasta sauce

    Cooking sauce

    Brown sauce

    Small bags of sugar

    Sponge pudding

    Long life fruit juice



    Rice pudding

    Children’s treats – Freddo’s, chocolate buttons etc.

    Sanitary towels

    Adult toothbrushes

    Baby wipes

    Nappies – size 5, size 6 and size 6+

    Washing powder/pods

    Household cleaning products – antibac spray, cleaning wipes, oven cleaner etc. (No bleach please!)