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Memorial Service 4 July 2021

Stoneleigh Methodist Church is holding its annual memorial service on Sunday 4th July 2021 at 10:30am this year.

This is an open invitation to anyone who has lost a loved one and who would welcome the chance to join others in a moving service of quiet thanks-giving.

The loss of a close member of the family or a friend can leave one with a sense of loss that is never filled; over time it is possible to begin to cope with that loss, but one may never feel that the loss is overcome. We hope that this service will offer an opportunity to those coming to terms with their loss, whether recent or perhaps a significant anniversary of that loss.

If you would like a name added to our Memorial Book, on open display in the Church throughout the year and read out during the Service, you can do so simply by using our contact form, or speaking to any Steward at Church on a Sunday before the date. We  need only the first and last names of the person(s) you’d like remembered – no further details required.

And do come along to the Service itself – you’ll be very welcome. And, of course, we will be streaming the Service on YouTube and Zoom.


Foodbank latest

This week, 6 August, we have several urgently needed items:

We have completely run out of:

Chocolate spread


Powdered milk

We urgently need:

Tinned vegetables

Tinned fish

Tinned fruit


Pasta sauce

Cooking sauce

Brown sauce

Small bags of sugar

Sponge pudding

Long life fruit juice



Rice pudding

Children’s treats – Freddo’s, chocolate buttons etc.

Sanitary towels

Adult toothbrushes

Baby wipes

Nappies – size 5, size 6 and size 6+

Washing powder/pods

Household cleaning products – antibac spray, cleaning wipes, oven cleaner etc. (No bleach please!)