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Meet the Neighbours

This event, a new initiative by the Church and implemented by our Leadership Team, was attended by around 60 people, including 35 ‘Neighbours’ (10 were young children) and the two invited Councillors (Peter Webb and John Beckett).

Our Church was supported and represented by Emma and many Church Members who came along to help; by assisting with serving and washing-up and also by socialising with our guests, answering their questions and generally promoting the Church and its activities. Most importantly, to ensure that all present enjoyed themselves.

Many who attended received guided tours of the Church and the wider Church Centre, and some expressed an interest in our activities. A number of the Neighbours were already known to the Church – others, to use David’s phrase, were ‘strangers waiting to become friends’. A great time was had by all, including the willing helpers, and this success has provided optimism for our future.

Not knowing what the response would be, invitations for the afternoon were limited to those roads directly around the Church. There is talk of a ‘next time’, when we hope to ‘spread our wings’ a little further – there have already been comments form those who did not receive an invite this time!


Foodbank latest

Hair Conditioner
Female Deodorant
Shower Gel
Tinned Vegetables (not sweetcorn as we have lots)
Tinned Meat (ideally not SPAM or corned beef)
Washing Powder, Pods & Tablets (bio & non-bio)
Powdered Milk (semi or full fat only, thank you)

Updated 8 April 2021