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Lost Property

Occasionally we may find items that do not belong to the Church in or around the Church Centre and, under the terms of our usage agreements, these  items become the property of the Church. Dependent on the perceived value (monetary and/or otherwise) of the item, various actions may be taken to try and trace the original owner and return the item.

For these actions to be effective, and for the Church to show that it has acted openly and transparently, the following steps are to be followed:-

  • the ‘finder’ should notify the Property Secretary (Denise or Robin) if anything is found that seems to be ‘out of place’ and potentially lost.
  • the item will be moved to an agreed secure location, or to the lost property (electricity) cupboard in the Hall. The finder takes no further action.
  • the finding of any significant item will be documented on the Property Log (PLOG), and that record updated with any changes contemporaneously.  The item will be held in the small safe in the vestry, or in the boiler room if of significant size.
  • if there is any likely ‘loser’ – a recent user of the room etc – then the group leader will be contacted to see if any loss has been reported or for the group to be circulated with generic details of the find.
  • if the item is of any significant monetary or apparent sentimental value then it will be mentioned in the Church NewsSheet (again using a generic, rather than specific, description) and potential claimants directed to the Property Secretary.
  • If unclaimed after a reasonable period then disposal will be discussed by Finance and Property Committee.
  • This procedure will be posted on the Church website so that any potential claimant may be able to search for SMC Policy on lost property
rdg July 2023

Foodbank latest

This week, 17 September, we have the following needed items:

Tinned Soup – Urgent ( we have none)

Coffee- Urgent (we have none)

Custard- Urgent ( we have none)

Honey- Urgent (we have none)

Chocolate treats both adult and children – Urgent (we have none)

Tinned Meat (ham, meatballs, curry, hotdogs etc) – Urgent

Tinned Fruit- Urgent

UHT and Powdered Milk (no skimmed please) – Urgent

Sugar 500g and 1Kg- Urgent

Sponge Pudding’s – Urgent

Noodles- Urgent (Not Pot noodles)

Ketchup – Urgent

Baked Beans

Tinned Vegetables

Long life Juice

Chocolate Spread

Peanut Butter


Adult Toothpaste


Washing Up Liquid – Urgent (we have none)

Female deodorant- Urgent ( we have none)

Shaving Foam

Toilet Rolls

Bags for Life / Very strong bags

Please use our supermarket donation points or bring donations directly to us at Epsom & Ewell Foodbank, Good Company Hub, behind West Ewell Primary School, Ruxley Lane, Ewell KT19 0JG
We are open for donations Monday – Friday, 9am-2pm
Please ensure donations are sealed, in date and do not contain alcohol.

Many thanks for all your support – we really do appreciate it!

We would also appreciate any bags for life/very strong bags – URGENT