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Lent Course

Our Lent Bible Study course this year is on Monday at noon, from 18th February ’til 18th March 2013.  Led by the Rev Dr Martine Stemerick it will be held in  the Link Room at the Church, and soup and drinks will be provided (you may also bring your own packed lunch if you wish).  To sign up for the course please telephone 020 8393 2155 – there is a small charge of 50p for the course booklet.


Foodbank latest

Hair Conditioner
Female Deodorant
Shower Gel
Tinned Vegetables (not sweetcorn as we have lots)
Tinned Meat (ideally not SPAM or corned beef)
Washing Powder, Pods & Tablets (bio & non-bio)
Powdered Milk (semi or full fat only, thank you)

Updated 8 April 2021