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Foodbank – the Facts

Epsom & Ewell foodbank is a charity which helps local people in a time of crisis. How do you feed your family when you lose your job, or are affected by illness? How do you survive until that new job pays, or benefits are sorted? The Epsom & Ewell foodbank – part of the Trussell Trust – help by providing emergency food during a crisis.

Epsom & Ewell foodbank

Charitable Organisation

Restoring Dignity and Hope

Emergency Food for Local People in Crisis 

To understand why food banks are needed you need to know some FACTS:

In 2013 Over 13 million people in the UK live below the poverty line. FACT

In 2012-13 foodbanks fed 346,992 people nationwide – 126,889 were children. FACT

Between 1 April and 30 June 2013, over 150,000 people received three days’ emergency food from a foodbank – 200 percent more than the same period last year. FACT

Of those helped during the first quarter of the 2013-14 FY, 52% were referred to foodbanks by frontline care professionals due to problems with benefits. FACT

In 2008-09 Trussell Trust foodbanks gave three days’ emergency food to 26,000 people nationwide; in 2009-10: 41,000 were helped; in 2010-11: 61,468; in 2011-12: 128,697; in 2012-13: 346,992. FACT

Emergency Food for Local people in Crisis

Epsom & Ewell foodbank

0208 786 8221 or 07380 667995

 Why do people need foodbanks?

Because of a crisis.

If you live on the poverty line a crisis does not have to be a major issue – it can be as simple as having to get a school uniform for a child, or it could be something drastic like illness or loss of a job. Living on the poverty line means there are no luxuries to forego, there is no nest-egg to fall back-on.  Credit cards maxed out, and possibly debts for pay-day loans.

There is just what is in your pocket – and that is nothing.

Many of the people calling on a foodbank are not unemployed – but they are on low incomes just holding their necks above water – and so something as simple as a new school uniform is a crisis.

Some are recently unemployed, so their crisis is holding out until new employment is found. Perhaps they had a comfortable lifestyle before unemployment struck – but now that new job has not come along.

Some have been struck by illness or death in their family, so their crisis is managing until they can rebuild their lives.

Many peoples immediate reaction will be – that’s what benefits are for. And yes, benefits will certainly help once they are sorted – but the crisis for over 52% of the people visiting foodbanks is that benefits take TIME to sort out. So how do you feed your children and yourself until they arrive?

The stories about real life crises are many and heartfelt. The family who had to borrow a tin of soup to feed their daughter. A service hero who lost everything through post traumatic stress. The family of three hardworking middle aged brothers living together, who all lost their jobs on the same day.

Emergency Food for Local people in Crisis

  Epsom & Ewell foodbank

 Who decides who needs a foodbank?

Not the foodbank itself. The decision is made by frontline professionals in the UK social network. Doctors, social workers, school liaison officers and referrals from benefits and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Once determined that a foodbank can help the immediate crisis, a voucher is assigned and only people with a voucher can get food.

The rule is clear – No Voucher No Food.

They currently operate a weekly distribution from 2 centres in Epsom, one in Ruxley Church Ewell, and Epsom Methodist Church. But the foodbank also offers friendship to their visitors, and anyone is welcome to pop-in for a chat and cup of tea.

What does the foodbank provide?

The foodbank provides a minimum of three days nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food – and when possible toiletries and cleaning products such as washing powder and soaps.

It’s that simple – no frills. Just enough for 3 days of basics.

Emergency Food for Local people in Crisis

 Epsom & Ewell foodbank

 Foodbanks who supports them?

You support them – local people and companies donating their time, funds and food.

Time – volunteers collecting food, sorting the food for distribution, distributing the food at the food bank.

Funds – making one-off or regular donations. However big or small – these are always welcome.

Food – by donating food. Giving when you see a foodbank collection point. Giving when the foodbank run collection days at local supermarkets.

Fundraising – How can you help?

Time – if you could give a few spare hours weekly you could help or when the food bank run their supermarket collection days – where they ask shoppers to donate food.

Funds – Always welcome and often a choice ideal for companies.

There are so many ways you can help raise funds – and to give you some ideas take a look at

fundraising ideas

Food – Open your cupboards or look in your shopping trolley – will you really use all that food yourself?

The Epsom & Ewell foodbank have regular supermarket collection days – watch out for these and donate any ‘spare’ food at the collection points.

When you spring clean your kitchen cupboards – donate the many ‘spare’ cans of food you have accumulated.

When shopping – especially with the bulk buy offers – you’ve got a good bargain so perhaps put a few things aside for the foodbank.

If you are a business – consider a foodbank box – where your staff can place their food donations.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The food needed must still be within its use by date. Long shelf life items are ideal – cans, dry goods, toiletries and cleaning products are also welcome.

To help you the foodbank have a

shopping list.

 This is a list of the basics and items they are running short of – but any non-perishable items will be gladly accepted.

The Epsom & Ewell foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust, a nationwide group helping set up and support foodbanks. They partner with churches and communities to open new foodbanks nationwide.

Emergency Food for Local people in Crisis   Epsom & Ewell foodbank

 Do you want to help people at a time of crisis? The Epsom & Ewell foodbank do.

Restoring Dignity and Hope

To quote a famous supermarket.  “Every little helps

020 8786 8221


Foodbank latest

This week, 10 December, we have the following needed items:

Urgent-Instant Coffee

Urgent- Dog Food

Urgent- Custard

Urgent- Tinned Spaghetti

Tinned Meat


Tinned Tomatoes

Sweet and Savoury Snacks



and especially Bags for Life/Very strong bags.

Please use our supermarket donation points or bring donations directly to us at Epsom & Ewell Foodbank, Good Company Hub, behind West Ewell Primary School, Ruxley Lane, Ewell KT19 0JG
We are open for donations Monday – Friday, 9am-2pm
Please ensure donations are sealed, in date and do not contain alcohol.

Many thanks for all your support – we really do appreciate it!

We would also appreciate any bags for life/very strong bags – URGENT