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Food Bank 3 month update

Distribution:  We have completed over 3 months of distributing food. To date we have fed 410 people. Over 50% have been fed due to low income and debt. The next largest group are benefit changes and delays, which is approximately 25%. Most people are happy to be prayed for and we have had several stories fed back of people feeling different, not as angry and seeing what they prayed for happen.

Finances:  The Quiz night organised by the Rotary was very successful. There are a number of small events planned including a table top sale and a trolley run.

People can still complete standing order forms which can be accessed via the website which is now live – Thank you if you are one of them.

Shopping List: – Please note that in response to the needs of the people we are helping we are also adding nappies, toiletries, toilet rolls etc to the shopping list.

Our key needs are tinned potatoes, vegetables, puddings, conditioner, shampoo and juice. We do not have an immediate need for soup, pasta, cereals, tea, sugar or kidney beans.



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Foodbank latest

  • • Tea (bags)
    • Pulses
    • Squash
    • Hot chocolate 
    • Pasta / Beans with meat – including spaghetti bolognese 
    • Shampoo
    • Kids toothpaste 
    • Household cleaning products (anti-bac spray and wipes, multi-surface cleaner, scourer pads and cloths etc)

Updated 21 May 2021