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Why not help to build this website? We love to receive items for the website but please remember that this is a global publication, and the content has to meet certain guidelines and conventions, especially as the site is often read by people unfamiliar with our Church, Stoneleigh, or even the ‘English way’.

So make sure you include the What, Where, When, Who and Why, as well as the How. If your piece has answers to all those questions, then it won’t leave people wondering. Any photographs of identifiable people should have their permission for publication (parent or guardian in the case of children), and the permission of the photographer too. Where applicable, please mention you have these consents when you send us your contribution and also name the author/ photographer and, in the case of photographs, explain in detail what they show.

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Foodbank latest

URGENT – we have run out of
Tinned fruit
Ketchup / Brown Sauce
Long Life Sponge Puddings

Tinned Soup (yes that is correct, we are low on soup!)
Shower gel
Washing up liquid
Tinned Fish
Tinned meat (- Tinned Stewed Steak
– Tinned Chicken in sauce
– Tinned Meatballs in sauce
– Tinned Casseroles
– Tinned Minced beef & onion
– Tinned Burgers
– Tinned or jars of hot dogs)
Noodles (including instant noodles)
Powdered Milk
UHT Milk (NOT skimmed)
Rice (not microwave rice – we have lots)
Tea bags
Tinned meat pies
Loo roll

We are OK for everything else thanks (we have no room to store extras at this time).

Updated 18th February 2021