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Our preferred means of contact is email using the form below – this means your message will be routed direct to the correct person.

Alternatively you can write to Stoneleigh Methodist Church Centre, 1 Stoneleigh Crescent, Stoneleigh, Epsom, KT19 0RT – it may take a while for your letter to be forwarded to the individual addressee – or phone our general number 020 8393 2155. For ecumenical matters only, you may telephone our Minister on 020 8393 2322.

During group (Scouts, Guides, Fellowship etc) meeting times you can try our payphone 020 8393 9743 to contact an individual group. No guarantees it will be answered – it’s a relatively big building and it can get noisy.

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    Note that we only accept parties where the majority of the participants are under 12, UNLESS you have a connection with the Church when each application will be considered individually. You may also send us a file through this contact form if you wish - just attach it here:

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    Foodbank latest

    This week, 25 January, we have several urgently needed items:

    Cooking sauce (we have none)

    Tinned Veg (we have none)

    Instant mash (we have none)

    Squash (we have none)

    Longlife sponge puddings (we have none)

    Rice pudding (we have none)

    Tinned Fruit

    Longlife fruit juice

    Tinned Pasta/Beans with meat

    Jam / honey / marmalade

    Peanut butter

    Sugar (500g bags please)

    Shower gel

    Washing powder

    Nappies in the following sizes: 5, 5+ and 6+

    We would also appreciate any bags for life/very strong bags