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Churches Together at the Bethlehem Peace Light ceremony

The CTE Prayer Tree was present, with Epsom Churches together, the Scouts, the mayor and representatives of the local council and other faith groups, at a short open air service yesterday to celebrate the arrival of the Peace Light from Bethlehem (an initiative from the Scouting Association).

Following the short service in the market place, Gill Nicholls and I (Paula Smith) were able to stay for a couple of hours and chat to passers by, inviting them to leave prayer requests with us.

There were some lovely contacts, especially for me, a teacher (and her family) I know from one of the schools I visit, a young man who works in one of the shops who told me he remembers my assemblies at his primary school (at least 10 years ago!), a lady dressed as an elf, at Santa’s grotto, who talked about her hopes for the future, in theatre work and her concerns for a friend of hers with 2 autistic children.

Please pray for all those we met and include the following prayer requests in your meetings or services when you can.

Prayer requests written on leaves:

The peace & love of God to be shared with all.Teach us to show it to our children & young people that they may know your love  Amen

Peace in Palestine

Pray for the Gideons and their work in local schools, giving out bibles, that Epsom and Ewell High School will allow them in….

Thank you God for the Kites Club (from a learning disabled man)

Let there be peace and let in start in my own heart and soul    Amen

Pray for Colin. for his health and for Michael to enjoy school and for the school to enjoy him

For my Grandad Jim. I miss you.See you soon. Reece

Please let the whole world have a happy peaceful Christmas and forgive all our sins.Your son is born   (from a scout)

May peace be with you    (written by a child)

Pray for a young lady with complications with her pregnancy

Pray for world peace   -from a child who said she wanted this more than her Christmas presents

Pray for everyone alone at this time of year, to feel God’s love

Pray for Oli Blane and I to be friends   – signed Andrea

Peace on Earth and goodwill to all

There were two who offered silent prayers, dropping a pebble into the water.



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Updated 30 Sept 2021