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School-Church Opening at Stoneleigh

A new school-church was opened on Saturday last at Stoneleigh, Ewell, in the Tooting Circuit, a new area on the road to Epsom. Generous help from Connexional funds and from the anonymous donor made the scheme possible, with Mr Francis Lawrence, FRIBA, as the architect and Messrs H and F Rolls, of Epsom, the builders.

The style of the building is Romanesque, with dark red brick exterior and a tasteful interior. Mrs Bellwood, wife of the senior circuit steward, opened the principal door with a golden key. The superintendent, the Rev T Llewellyn Jones, introduced her to the assembled company, drawn from many parts of the circuit. The Junior and Primary rooms were opened by Mrs A Rides of Worcester Park and Mrs Veall of Southfield. The Ex-President, the Rev C Ensor Walters, conducted the service of dedication.

After tea in the nearby council school addresses were delivered by the Revs H Crawford Walters and Wallace J Heaton MA. The evening meeting was presided over by Mr H J Holloway JP, whose interest in the scheme and practical advice have been greatly appreciated. The Rev C Ensor Walters reminded the audience that since the war a million and three-quarters sterling had been spent on church extension in the new area and a hundred new sites acquired.  He commended the idea of makin,g Stoneleigh a garden church. The Rev Thomas Martin, who was chiefly concerned in selecting the site, spoke; the Rev C G Wilkes gave a financial statement. Later, the secretary, Mr F V Curnow, announced that the day’s proceeds were £160, making a total (with stonelaying gifts, etc) of £718. Sunday’s services were conducted by Dr Ryder Smith.


Copied from a newspaper article of unknown date (possibly the Epsom Herald)




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This week, 25 January, we have several urgently needed items:

Cooking sauce (we have none)

Tinned Veg (we have none)

Instant mash (we have none)

Squash (we have none)

Longlife sponge puddings (we have none)

Rice pudding (we have none)

Tinned Fruit

Longlife fruit juice

Tinned Pasta/Beans with meat

Jam / honey / marmalade

Peanut butter

Sugar (500g bags please)

Shower gel

Washing powder

Nappies in the following sizes: 5, 5+ and 6+

We would also appreciate any bags for life/very strong bags