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Report of the Church Building Committee

I have pleasure in bringing before you the report of the Committee on the building of the new Church.

We have spent some time in deliberations and have made tentative plans for what we feel will be our requirements in the future, if we are to adequately serve the Community in which we live. We feel that to build in the not too distant future is not only practicable but desirable. In the drafting of the plan we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Macer for an excellent sketch plan and for his guidance on many technical points involved. At the outset each member read the book by the Rev Ebenson Perkins and Albert Hearm ‘The Methodist Church Builds Again’. This is an excellent treatise and we have based our plans on the information given therein.

Last Spring one architect viewed the site and incidentally gave us one or two useful bits of information. We did not proceed any further with architects at that time, but stayed our hand. We now have the names of three others whom we can interview in due course, when will largely be determined by the results of tonight’s meeting. To proceed to our plans we have decided as follows:-

A Church to seat 400, with a gallery at the SE end to seat 100.
Shape to be oblong, with no transepts. NW end to be simple style (as opposed to Altar Style.
Vestibule or crush hall to be 10ft to 12ft deep.
Church to have a centre aisle and two side aisles by windows.
Cloak rooms for ladies and gents on either side of the crush hall.
Lavatories for ladies and gents with separate approaches.
Pulpit at left side of Church. Choir seating on opposite side to pulpit. Organ console space in front of choir.
Organ space at NW end at back of Communion table. (It has since been suggested that a better place for the organ would be behind the choir.)
Communion Table and Rail to be central. Rail to be as long as possible, semi-circular, to take 25 to 30 communicants.
Floor slightly sloping. Tip-up, fixed seats.
Vestries: – Minister’s, with lavatory. Stewards (fair size). Choir.
Ancillary buildings:- Fellowship room to hold approximately 75. This room to be maintained for Devotional meetings only.
A further room to seat approx. 100 for use for Youth Work (Sunday School, Youth Group, Friday Nighters etc), with dividing doors so that two rooms will be available when necessary.
Store Room.
Canteen (it was suggested that the wall of the present Minister’s Vestry be knocked down, present kitchen enlarged, with serving hatch into Hall.

It should be emphasised that these plans are tentative and that we cannot bring anything more concrete for your consideration until an architect has been appointed and worked on the scheme.

This brings me to perhaps the most important point for consideration tonight, and that is that we feel that whether we can build in 1951, 1952 or 1953, we ought to appoint an architect quickly. When we have done so, and our plans are approved by the Chapel Committee, we can issue a brochure and make a general appeal for gifts towards the cost. When we appoint an architect we shall have to pay him fairly soon 1% of the total cost of the scheme. This would involve us in a sum of £200 to £300, according to the total cost.

We have looked at this question and its related one – our total debt – not with any sort of apprehension, but with some sense of urgency. We realise that we cannot proceed very far or go very fast until the present debt is liquidated. So we come to you tonight to suggest the urgency of tackling our debt with vigour. We want to suggest that here and now some scheme be adopted for liquidating our debt within 12 months from now; that our people should be made so aware of our plans that their imagination may be fired and their enthusiasm kindled.

This, Sir, is our report, which I trust will be accepted with enthusiasm, and if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion, it is that it might be more expedient to discuss the latter part of the report relating to finance before tackling the first point relating to plans etc.

May I just add that if a scheme is wanting,  we are prepared to put a suggestion before you.

15th October 1949


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