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1937 Rev J Ogden
1937 Rev J T Watson
1938 Rev G H Maskell
1939 Rev W H Brackenbury
1942 Rev Edwin S Nodder
1944 Rev T Llewelyn-Jones
1945 Rev C Leslie Craig
1946 Rev G R Gostelow
1950 Rev Reginald Walker
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1959 Rev Kenneth Richardson
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1974 Rev Donald Finnan
1978 Rev John Dakin
1979 Rev John Rowland
1984 Rev Robert Teasdale
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2003 Rev Stuart Veitch
2006 Rev Margaret Adams
2011 Rev Dr Martine Stemerick
2016 Rev Emma Cusack (Aikins)



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Foodbank latest

This week, 25 January, we have several urgently needed items:

Cooking sauce (we have none)

Tinned Veg (we have none)

Instant mash (we have none)

Squash (we have none)

Longlife sponge puddings (we have none)

Rice pudding (we have none)

Tinned Fruit

Longlife fruit juice

Tinned Pasta/Beans with meat

Jam / honey / marmalade

Peanut butter

Sugar (500g bags please)

Shower gel

Washing powder

Nappies in the following sizes: 5, 5+ and 6+

We would also appreciate any bags for life/very strong bags